The Best Herbal Remedies for Common Skin Conditions

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Many times, our skin can take quite a beating for the things we do to it on a regular basis. Being out in the sun, not using enough lotion, and even issues like eczema can make our skin look wrinkly and older than our years. While there are hundreds of cosmetic products on the market that promise to give you the results that you
want with clearing the skin and making it look amazing, most of these don’t work or add more ingredients that cause damage to your skin.

Herbs can be used to take care of your skin in an all-natural and safe way. There are many different herbs that do a great job at taking care of your skin without drying it out or causing more damage. No matter what is wrong with your skin or what you would like to improve, herbs are there to help you out.

Best Herbs for Skin Care

Almond Oil

Almond oil has been used for skin care for years. It is able to help condition and even soften the skin. The raw almond kernels provide some gentle scrubbing that can get rid of dead skin cells and will make the skin look nice and clear in no time. In addition, the almond oil is good for helping provide some important nutrients to the skin, including protein, vitamins, and minerals. It can work on any skin type and is good for helping out with inflammation, itching, and dryness.

In addition to helping out with your skin, almond oil is good for helping lower your bad cholesterol levels, helping those who are dealing with diabetes, and is one of the best ingredients to add into a facial scrub compared to your regular facial soap.

Geranium Oil

Geranium oil has many uses besides skin care, but it is really good at providing you that radiant glow that you want out of your skin. It has some astringent properties that help to clean and open up the pores so you can get rid of acne and make the skin look clean and beautiful. Using this once a day, or every few days can
make a big difference in how great your skin is going to look.

In addition to giving your skin a radiant look, geranium oil is perfect for helping out with many other common ailments. These include healing sore throats, cold sores, infections, and wounds. Some people have used geranium to help reduce some of the pain that comes from a shingles outbreak and it can even cure head lice.

Patchouli Oil

Next on your list of skin care herbs is patchouli oil. There are times when your skin is going to get really dry and itchy, perhaps when the seasons start to change or you have been using other products that aren’t the best on your skin. Patchouli oil is really good to help out with this dry skin, helping it to retain some of the moisture that is so important in the skin and making your face and body look ready to take on anything.

This is an oil that some people love and others are not that sure about, mostly because the scent is so strong. If you are able to handle the scent, you will find that Patchouli is great for the skin as well as a good herb to use when relieving depression and controlling your appetite.

St. John’s Wort

If you are dealing with damaged skin, St. John’s Wort is the option that you need to grab right away. It is good for healing any burns that you may get, whether this is from a sunburn or from getting too close while cooking in the kitchen. When the skin gets damaged from being outside or from other use during the day, St. John’s Wort is going to help you out a lot.

Skin care is just one of the uses of St. John’s Wort. Some other uses that you can get from this herb includes relieving feelings of anxiety and depression, helping adults with incontinence, treating the flu virus (although it isn’t that effective with the cold), and can calm pain that come with muscle aches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and sciatica.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel can help with many different issues on your skin. If you have an insect bite, burns, and abrasions, witch hazel is the herb that will help you out. It is also one of the base treatments that is used with varicose veins since it can clean the area as well as soothe it during the treatment.

There are many other uses that you can have with witch hazel based on your needs. Many people like to use witch hazel as an acne fighter because it does well with reducing the swelling that comes with blemishes and pimples. It is a toner, making it good to decrease some of the fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face. Witch hazel can work well on any type of skin to help clear out acne and prevent the effects of age on your face and skin.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil is great for so many things with your skin. It is good for helping to heal the skin from any blemish or accident that you may have. Whether you are dealing with a scrape or a cut, or have minor wounds and insect bites, calendula oil can do the job to make your skin look amazing. Many people have also used this oil to help out with acne, irritated skin, and dry skin. With all the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that come with this oil, it can work as a daily face wash to make your skin shy.

Your skin is one of your most valuable assets. It is one of the first things that people will see from you when you walk out the door, and you want to make sure the skin is as radiant and vibrant as you are. Use some of these herbs and oils and see how fantastic your skin can look in no time.

Recipes for Skin Care

Dry Skin

  • 2 oz. almond oil
  • 6 Tbsp. brown sugar
  • 6 drops geranium oil
  • 1 oz. honey


  1. In a jar, add the honey, almond oil, and brown sugar and combine. Add in the geranium oil and place the lid on top.
  2. When ready to use, the sugar will have risen to the top and you can apply this to the skin.
  3. Rinse the mixture off and then pat dry before adding in the moisturizer


  • ¼ c. olive oil
  • ¼ c. oat flour
  • 8 drops patchouli oil
  • ½ c. coconut oil


  1. Melt the coconut oil until it is liquid before adding in the oat flour and patchouli oil and stirring well.
  2. Add in the olive oil before taking off the heat and pouring the mixture into a jar.
  3. Cool down completely and store with a tight cap.
  4. Apply to the affected area as needed and store in a cool place.

Hand and Nail Care

  • 2 drops lavender oil
  • 4 drops chamomile oil
  • 2 oz. olive oil
  • 1 oz. grated beeswax
  • 6 Tbsp. sugar


  1. Place the sugar into a small jar. Set up a double boiler and add the olive oil and beeswax. Stir these on a low heat to help the beeswax melt. Take from the heat and cool down.
  2. Pour the beeswax and olive oil into your jar and cool for another 5 minutes. Stir in the lavender oil and chamomile and then place the cap on top.
  3. When ready to use, massage a bit of this on your hands and feet for a minute. Rinse with warm water and enjoy!


  • 16 drops St. John’s wort oil
  • 1 oz. calendula oil
  • 7 oz. witch hazel


  1. Pick a bottle with a spray cap. Combine the ingredients inside and shake well before using.
  2. When ready to use, spray on the area affected and allow it to penetrate into the skin before getting dressed.