7 Impressive Health Benefits of Onions

ulleo / pixabay.com

1. Inflammation of Joints and Osteoarthritis

One of the common waste products produced by the body is uric acid. It normally passes out through the kidneys. But sometimes, there is more production of uric acid, formed in the body than which has been eliminated. These are now going to settle in your body has uric acid crystals. When these crystals are caught in the spaces between joints the tissue surrounding those affected joints become inflamed. These inflamed joints irritate the nerve endings that supply the joint producing a lot of pain. This is what happens in gout.

Another common disease of the joints is osteoarthritis. It is going to develop when the cartilage around the joints, especially of is and the hips wears away with the passage of time. New bone tissue growing beneath prevents the joints from moving as smoothly as they should, naturally.

Onions have been traditionally used to get rid of painful joints and alleviate the pain. For this you need to mix equal quantities of onion juice and warm mustard oil. Apply this mixture on the affected joints. And then sit back and watch the miraculous results.

Mustard oil is very strong and very pungent. That is why, you will need to do this massage at a time, and in an area where and when you are not disturbed by people who may appear and say, “Golly, what a pong!”

Why am I talking about mustard oil? Why did I not say coconut oil, or olive oil or any other softer, sweeter smelling oil? That is because mustard oil, like I said is very powerful. It also has extremely strong and beneficial immediate healing quantities.

Surprisingly enough, this strong oil has never been used to heal people in many parts of the West, because they do not like the strong aroma of this thick and viscous oil.

2. Onions to Cure Depression

It has been scientifically proven that people who do not have enough of selenium in their meals are more prone to nervous fatigue, depression and anxiety. I guess that is why aristocratic females in Europe, especially Britain, spent so much of their time fainting away daintily, because their nerves were so sensitive and tender! In fact, lots of “delicately” brought up women in the Regency era and in the 19th century cultivated this affectation and resorting to Sal volatile at the drop of a straw bonnet.

I would call that affectation and ennui working overtime, just because they did not have anything constructive to do. More onions in their diet and more physical labor outdoors and they would have forgotten everything about megrims, depression, hysteria, fainting spells, nervous problems and even supposed nervous fatigue – all of which they cultivated in order to show people all around them, how refined they were.

If you happen to belong to that category, try adding onions, garlic and leeks to your diet. Your ancestors and their neighbors definitely did not have any problem eating these healthy foods for centuries. How did you become such a languishing and affected lily with your possibly ridiculous airs and graces?

The selenium in balance in your family is going to set your moods and possible depression on the right path to health.

3. Onions to cure Coughs and Colds

Here comes the winter season, and viruses are going to infect your throat, nose, lungs, and larynx. Most of us spend a lot of our winter time suffering from influenza and from cough and cold, which could have easily been prevented by just the addition of more onions in our diet. Just take onion juice and honey mixed in equal amounts, three – four times a day, and never suffer from any of these infections again.

This magic mixture is powerful enough as a natural expectorant. It is going to calm down your cough. You can also find it very useful in attacks of breathlessness, especially in asthma. Along with this, there is an unexpected side benefit – the onion and honey mixture is capable of getting rid of that extra weight and poundage in your body. Try it out!

4. Anti-aging benefits Of Onions

If I had been born 500 years ago, in a place where I did not have to bother about disease and destruction through war, I would have lived a long life, with plenty of youthful looks, even with the passing of time. That was because I would have access to plenty of fresh air, opportunities to do lots of exercise outdoors and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which did not have access to chemical fertilizers and poisoned air and soil.

However, thanks to the strides science has made in the 21st century, there are very few pockets of untouched water and air left on the surface of the earth. Free radicals are caused by stress, pollution, smoking and fried food. The changing lifestyle is also going to have a disastrous effect on your health. The free radicals are going to attack, alter and destroy your normal cells. These lead to degenerative illnesses like strokes, hypertension and cancer.

These free radicals also interfere with collagen synthesis. This is going to result in wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Onions, which are rich in flavonoids, are going to fight these rogue elements and molecules. They are also going to restore the disease busting tools provided to us by nature. This means that the more onions you eat, the more you are going to protect yourself against aging symptoms.

5. Onion Juice to Remove Scars

This is something which I saw being used in a remote village somewhere up in the mountains. Onion juice was spread over wounds and scars in order to remove the marks and heal the wounds.

I would like you to try this experiment out for yourself. Choose a scar on your body, which you want to remove. Mix equal quantities of onion juice and honey with half a teaspoonful of turmeric powder. Remember turmeric powder stains the skin, so you will have to remove that dried paste from your skin, 20 minutes later with a spoonful of yogurt. This time is to allow the onion juice and the honey to get absorbed in the skin.

Try this out for about one week. You are going to see fresh cells growing in the scar area and the diminishing of that injured portion. I used this recipe to get rid of a scar burn on my hand. Incidentally, there happened to be a small wart growing near the scar, and it also disappeared when I dabbed it with the onion juice and honey mix.

6. Onions for Sunstroke

Prolonged exposure to the sun is going to upset the body’s heat regulating mechanism that means the body temperature is going to rise from the normal value of 98°F to 104°F or higher. A person under such circumstances is going to feel flushed, have a heightened temperature and a strong rapid pulse.

I remember one terrible summer about two decades ago, when I was traveling on a hot summer afternoon, visiting some family members in the city. The temperature was 111°F in the afternoon. I got onto the bus, in the state of half delirious sun-stroke, without even knowing it, got off at the bus stop, and staggered home totally incoherent and like a walking zombie. Incidentally, my temperature was 104.2°F, to the great horror of my father!

Anybody else would have just collapsed and expired but I staggered into the bathroom in that state of delirium and put my head under a shower, while the rest of the family kept looking at me astonished, wondering if I was inebriated in the afternoon. After that, I collapsed on the bed and went off into a deep sleep, for about six
hours which restored me.

When I woke up I was given onion juice and buttermilk to get rid of the aftereffects of the sunstroke which luckily had not managed to curdle my brains – according to the rest of the relatives – and this is what happened to dim bulbs, who went out in the sun without proper headgear, sun protection in the shape of umbrellas, and drinking lots of water before they ventured out in the midday sun. If my grandmother would have been alive then, she would have rubbed raw onions on my temples, stomach, soles of my feet and palms. That was the ancient traditional way of getting rid of the aftereffects of sun stroke.

Remember overexposure to the sun is potentially lethal. So do not go out in the afternoon sun, unless absolutely necessary.

7. Onions as an Appetite Enhancer

Try out this experiment when you do not want to eat anything. Unfortunately, many of us are suffering from eating disorders because we wish to lose weight, or we have just stopped eating because we are too busy to do so. And this is going to have a detrimental effect on our appetites and thus on our health. That is why most of us pretend that we are not hungry, and we soon reach a stage when we stop feeling hungry because we have conditioned our minds to ignore the pains of hunger. This is an extremely harmful trend and if you belong to that section of misguided mankind, just order a dish which has a number of onions in it and smell it. The aroma of onions is an appetite enhancer. It is going to give your dull appetite a wake-up call.

That is why good cooks are liberal when using onions in sandwiches, hamburgers, soups and salads. Apart from a good-looking garnish, these onions are going to add flavor, taste, and texture to your meals. I once saw a kid in a burger joint removing all the onions from his burger, because he did not like the taste. His kid sister immediately grabbed all the onions, calling him a 100% Dumbo, all the while. That made him rather indignant, because
there must be something special in the onions which he was not eating and which was so well appreciated by his tiresome nuisance of a kid sister.

So in a state of amusement, I noticed him, tentatively taking a huge bite of his burger without removing the onions. And then suddenly I saw the look of enlightenment on his face. Much as he hated to admit it, his sister had the right of it. Alas, for all those burgers from which he had removed the onions beforehand! But at least he was lucky that he had found out the difference in taste, a couple of onion rings made to his jumbo burger.

This “kid” is now 32 years old, with 2 children of his own, an excellent gourmet cook, and a super fan of onions in any shape, form, and size. And he is the first one to any salad bowl, grabbing all the onions as and when he can.